Secondary 3 Elementary Math (15 year olds)

Secondary 3 Elementary Math (15 year olds)

Topic 6.3 - Sine Rule

Topic 6.3. Further Trigonometry – Sine Rule

\(\frac{a}{\sin{A}} = \frac{b}{\sin{B}} = \frac{c}{\sin{C}} \)


\(\frac{\sin{A}}{a} = \frac{\sin{B}}{b} = \frac{\sin{C}}{c} \)

Where A, B and C are the three interior angles of \(\Delta \) ABC opposite the sides whose lengths are a, b, and c respectively. This is the Sine Rule.

The video above slows you how to use the Sine Rule and also a simple proof of the rule.

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Secondary 3 E-Maths (For 15 year olds)


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(Optional): We are using the Shinglee New Syllabus Mathematics 3 (7th edition) for Secondary 3 students and you may want to buy this textbook if you are outside Singapore. Otherwise, you will already have the textbook if you are schooling in Singapore.

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ManyTutors Academy provides free math education to the world based on the official Singapore Math syllabus.

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